Giving Season Checklist – Shelterluv Best Practices

‘Tis the season for donations! 💸 Who has seasonal giving campaigns coming up? Who’s ready? Who hasn’t started?

To help our customers earn new donations AND new donors this season, we’ve compiled a handy checklist for ways you can maximize your donations with Shelterluv!

  1. To turn Shelterpay on, follow the steps listed here.

2. Make sure adoption staff/volunteers know how to complete checkout. We’ve created this overview graphic to share with them!

3. Add a donate button to each animal profile.

  • Navigate to Configuration > Uploads and Integrations > My Organization’s Website.
  • Select the Enable “Donate” button on all iframes checkbox.
  • Visit your website to check out the shiny new button!


  • If your free Donation Boost Widget has not been set up yet, you will be redirected to do so from the Configuration page.
  • After enabling this feature, you can click the blue external link icon to preview your Donation Boost Widget page (where your donors will be sent if they click the Donate button).
  • This will be automatically applied to all existing iframes on your website; you will not need to update any code on your website unless you are still using the legacy version of our iframe (which does not support newer features such as filters).

4. Add a donation button to every page of your website.

5. Post your donation boost link anywhere and everywhere! Your organization will be given a special link that you can place anywhere you think current and new donors might use it – behind a button on your website, linked from your email signature, shared on social media, and any other creative place you have in mind. You can also add a Donate button to your iframe that links directly to this widget. Learn how here.

Have questions? You can reach out to us at

Thank you for all that you do!

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