Shelterluv Pricing and What it Includes

Thanks for your interest! Shelterluv is a comprehensive web-based shelter and rescue management system that tracks shelter, foster, field and community services work. Our focus is to support you in helping more people and animals within your communities.

Shelterluv charges $2.00 (USD) per adoption (billed monthly). All other outcomes (ex., transfers, return to owner, etc.) are free of charge. We do not have any yearly charges, setup, add-on, or support fees of any kind! We are happy to import your current and historical data at no additional cost.

We have a donation boost feature in the adoption checkout process that works so well that our customers more than cover credit card processing fees (3.4% + $0.30/transaction)—they usually make money using Shelterluv since 81% of adopters donate an average of $20. Learn more about that checkout process here: Shelterpay Mobile Checkout

Included features:

For other questions about implementing Shelterluv for your shelter or rescue, please email us at