Introducing – Configurations in a Box!

We’ve talked to thousands of organizations who are upgrading their software or using it for the first time and we’ve noticed a common challenge – it’s hard to find the time to switch software.

That’s why we created Configurations in a Box.

Setting up your account just got a whole lot easier! With Configurations in a Box, you can have a set of our Best Practices configurations automatically set up in your new account—cutting down your set up time significantly. 

This includes settings such as their Intake and Outcome Subtypes, Intake and Outcome Forms, Animal Statuses and Attributes, Applications, and so much more!

We’ve created four unique “Best Practice” Configurations in a Box to fit a variety of organizations and their programs so they can save time setting up and get right to earning donations with Shelterluv! Learn more here.

Ready to get started or have questions? You can reach out to us at

Thank you for all that you do!

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