Grant Opportunity Alert!

Guest post from Petco Foundation 

Petco Foundation is helping pets find their way home and providing your organization with a chance to receive additional funding.

Did you know that one in three pets will be lost in their lifetime, and most will never make it back home?

The Petco Foundation is on a mission to increase the number of pets reunited with their families, creating the nation’s first comprehensive lost and found database of pets, which utilizes pet facial recognition technology to simplify the process.

Shelterluv customers can easily participate in this effort to keep pet families together and automatically upload your organization’s pets into this database. Not only will you help save pets, but your organization will become eligible for an incentive grant award.

So let’s change the outlook for lost pets together and be part of this nationwide effort.

It’s easy to join in just two steps. First, complete this form to opt-in today to share your shelter’s data and give your organization a chance at up to $250,000 in grant awards and then, visit your ShelterLuv dashboard, create your API key and send it to Instructions here for creating your API key.