Shelterluv 2020 Year in Review

As we reflect on this incredibly difficult year, we are humbled by your commitment to the animals who need you and the fact that you continue to show up for them each and every day despite your own challenges.

We are grateful to be able to support your important livesaving work. Our team asks ourselves each and every day what we could do to make your job easier. We hope it has made a difference.

Over $2.5M in Donations
We’ve helped you raise over $2.5 million in donations since the launch of Donation Boost in 2017! This year, we introduced a plug-and-play widget and COVID-19 language and saw a 13% increase in conversions with an average amount of $30 given.

Field Services & Community Programs
Many of you are using our free, mobile-friendly tool that helps track all the important work your community outreach staff and animal control officers are doing in the field. We introduced text notifications for newly assigned tasks and memo templates to speed up data entry.

New Reporting Functionality
We launched Protected Pet Reports to make sure your animal population is protected against infection in 2021. Automated Reports free you up from having to run or send custom reports!

Adoptions Made Easy
We introduced Digital Adoption Packets to save you valuable time (and printer ink!) by delivering tips and resources directly to your adopters along with their other important documents. For a better adoption experience, we rolled out a new iframe design with advanced search and sharing features.

Additionally, we increased auto-upload frequency to Petfinder & Adopt-a-Pet, removed adoption barriers on applications, and added automated confirmation messaging.

Enhanced Workflows & Processing
To help you work faster, we added efficiencies to your main dashboard, bulk foster returns, and quick document selection at checkout. To provide you with better data, we added jurisdiction tracking, backdating, and support for larger data sets in reporting.

We’d love to hear how these features are helping you with your important work! Please share your experiences with us at

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