New Feature: Protected Pet Reports!

Stop disease spread in 2021 with this simple tool. 

Shelterluv’s Protected Pet Reports are a critical new feature that gives your team the power to stop the spread of disease in your shelter!

This series of reports will give you confidence that each and every animal in your care is protected against infection by identifying those who are not currently up-to-date on a vaccine/preventative or have not been scheduled for their next one.

Read how one of our customers has used these reports to minimize inevitable errors in their busy shelter environment:

I’ve found them super helpful so far! It’s helpful in catching any of our pets that aren’t scheduled for a re-vaccination. With an entire organization learning a new software system, there are bound to be errors and mistakes, so it helps catch these. It’s also a really easy way for our non-medical staff to find out who needs vaccination.” Lisa Rodríguez, DVM MPH, Palm Valley Animal Society

Protected Pets Reports include:

  1. Needs Rabies Vaccination
  2. Needs FVRCP Vaccination 
  3. Needs DHPP Vaccination 

Each report identifies animals who have no vaccine on file, no vaccine scheduled, or are overdue for the selected vaccine.

To get started, navigate to Analysis & Reports > Quick Reports, where you will find a new tab called Protected Pet.


After running a report, you will be able to sort by any of the columns or use the available filters.

In this example below:

  • Postman and Fluffy both have rabies vaccines on file and have the next one scheduled; however, they are both overdue for their scheduled vaccines
  • Clifford has a rabies vaccine on file but does not have his next one scheduled yet
  • Duchovny has no rabies vaccine on file and does not have one scheduled



This report features several age-specific filters to accommodate requirements of different states or municipalities. There is also a “Show all animals” option in case you want to capture underage animals and make sure they have a vaccine scheduled for the appropriate time.

  • Show animals over 12 weeks of age (default)
  • Show animals over 16 weeks of age
  • Show animals over 4 months of age
  • Show animals over 6 months of age
  • Show all animals

Support your Fosters too

Each animal ID is hyperlinked for easy access to the animal record, where you can complete and/or schedule a rabies vaccine.

Additionally, animals that are currently in foster will have their foster parent’s record hyperlinked, where you can find their contact information and reach out to schedule an appointment for the rabies vaccine.

Ready to review your own Protected Pet Reports? Click here!

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