How to Track Bonded Pet Pairs in Shelterluv

PACC Pals is a volunteer driven,  shelter-supported program that identifies bonded pet pairs at Pima Animal Care Center located in Tucson, AZ and finds them loving homes together. PACC volunteers Jo and Cathy recently presented at the weekly Animal Shelter Support call led by Human Animal Support Services (HASS) and presented by Maddie’s Fund. 

Jo and Cathy shared the success PACC Pals have had in tracking their efforts. Their focus and programming have resulted in incredible lifesaving results for bonded pet pairs at Pima Animal Care Center!

Bonded pairs are easy to track and report on in Shelterluv. Here’s how to get started!

1. Use Shelterluv’s customizable attributes to tag all bonded pet pair animal records

2. Link your bonded pet pals as littermates to make it even easier to see their records side-by-side

3. Easily evaluate and report on your length of stay results using a Custom Entities Animals Report

Pro tips: 

  • Remember to add your “Days in Custody” field for your total length of stay for each animal
  • Add a rule for Attributes matching “Bonded” to just report on the length of stay for your bonded pet pairs 
  • Check the current snapshot box to include animals in your custody at the exact moment of running the report

Are you having success adopting bonded pairs at your organization? We’d love to hear how you’re doing it! Please share your experience at

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