New Feature: Paperless Adoption Packets!

Ever tried to hand a new adopter their adoption packet, but found they have no hands remaining since one is on the leash/carrier and the other is wrangling their child/pocketbook/keys/new pet supplies?

Enter Shelterluv’s digital adoption packets. Rather than making physical copies or sending an extra email after the pet goes home, your adopters can now receive these valuable resources in the same email as their receipt, contract, medical history, and other Shelterluv system-generated documents!

Shelterluv customer SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center in Ohio wasted no time in offering this paperless experience to their adopters. 

“We were very excited about the new addition of digital adoption packets. I set ours up right away! The configuration was very easy and I liked being able to customize which materials would appear during the adoption. You’re welcome to post a screenshot of our set-up. The digital adoption packets are a great way to ensure all of our adopters receive helpful handouts and information quickly and easily. Especially since COVID-19, we’ve been processing more of our adoptions off-site and the digital adoption packets make sure everyone is set up for success!” — Nicole Carey, Adoption Program Manager

Once you have uploaded your files, you’ll see this window at checkout to email these files to adopters: 


Nicole also told us that the SICSA team will still provide a folder and paper materials if the adopter requests them:

A lot of people have taken advantage of going digital to save paper with the adoption contract and medical records, so I am hoping we’ll see similar results with the adoption packets.”

At SICSA, adopters are clearly happy with their experience. SICSA’s mobile checkout conversion rate is 8.6% above the customer average. What’s the secret of that success? Nicole says she credits “their welcoming, informative adoption process.”

“We often get positive feedback about how helpful and supportive our adoption counselors are throughout the process. Our adoption process focuses on an educational and conversational counseling experience. We want to make sure every adopter feels prepared and excited about their decision to add a new pet to their home!”

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