New Features = Instant Donations

Add this donation button to your animal profiles in seconds

Over $4.2 million in donations have been raised through Shelterluv’s popular Donation Boost features, and now we’ve made it even easier to attract new donors with a Donate button on the most visited pages of your website—your adoptable animal listings!

This new feature works seamlessly with your Donation Boost Widget, which is a free tool to help you capture more donations through Shelterluv.


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Enable Donation Checkbox for Processing Fees

On May 10th, Shelterluv added a checkbox to mobile checkout that prompts adopters to cover all associated processing fees.

This simple checkbox is the highest impact feature in Shelterluv history.

  • 78% of adopters are now donating, previously 37%
  • 61% increase in total donation dollars
  • 82% of organizations using Stripe cover all software and credit card fees through donations

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