A guide to selecting animal shelter software

Animal welfare pros face non-routine decisions every day. You’re a caped superhero battling everything from natural disasters to budget challenges to complex veterinary care—yet it’s choosing animal shelter software that often stops you in your tracks

We understand where you’re coming from here! Technology isn’t one of the top three (10? 100?) reasons you choose to work for animals. Here comes the but…

BUT! Staffing shortages, budget shortfalls, and increasing intake across the US make prioritizing your work more important than ever. Collecting and understanding your data is key to making sure you are using your time, money, and talent on your shelter’s most impactful activities.   

We’ve created this animal shelter software selection guide to help! Compare your software options quickly and effectively so you can make a decision and get back to the people and animals who need you.   

Start using the guide today by downloading it or creating your own editable version by clicking File > Make a copy.

Are you in the software selection process now and feeling stuck? Schedule a consult and we can help you.  

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