Using Tasks to Power Your Day!

If a member of your team returns to work after a weekend off, how do they know what needs to be done? Shelterluv Tasks rolls up all the to-dos from around your organization and puts them in one place where everyone can see what needs to be done. Easy to manage and easy to use, this powerful tool enables you to wave goodbye to sticky notes on computer monitors and handwritten messages left between shifts. 

Here’s how one of our customers uses Tasks to support the team:

“We use tasks a lot. We complete our Medication and Treatment Tasks live on a tablet so adding the new location filter has been very helpful! We filter for “onsite only” and exclude foster animals for that process. 

We also use Vet to Check, CVT to Check, Vaccines, Diagnostic Tests, Behavior Checks, and Status Reviews. We even recently started using Misc Tasks to change our quick stains and check the water dish in the incubator. Here’s a screenshot of how that looks.  

Tasks improve communication, efficiency, and accountability for our team. The team is able to see what still needs to get done, or if it’s already done, who did it. We save time with data entry, since we can check off items as we finish them.”

— Lauren Jackowiec, Director of Operations, Jacksonville Humane Society

With the recent addition of new filtering capabilities, it’s even easier for your team to view only the animals and tasks they want to see at any moment. The following tabs in Tasks have been updated with new location filter options for: Offsite Only, Onsite Only, and In Foster Only.

  • Procedures / Surgeries
  • Vet to Check
  • CVT to Check
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostic Tests

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