Case Study: How the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri is Working Towards No-Kill Status with Shelterluv


In 2017, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri had a save rate of over 75% of dogs but only 49% for cats. The staff realized that it could not keep close track of its key statistics, including live release rate and length of stay, with its old shelter operations software, hindering its goal of achieving no kill status across the entire facility.


In tandem with major process and policy changes, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri switched its shelter software to Shelterluv in June 2018. With it, the staff can instantly check its average length of stay and most vulnerable animals by species and age group to easily identify and prioritize its most impactful lifesaving efforts and implement them efficiently. As a result, The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri’s live release rate increased from 75.0% in 2017 to 91.5% in 2019

Shelterluv’s mobile adoption checkout has also allowed shelter staff to hold more adoption events throughout the greater Cape Girardeau community and raise donations at checkout to support its ongoing capital campaign.