How to Easily Report on HASS Programs in Shelterluv

Shelterluv proudly supports the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) program. The groundbreaking HASS model has been adopted by more than 30 communities nationwide! By doing so, HASS communities are also committing to track and report both efforts and results to share with funders, a Board of Directors, and the broader community.  

Built with the understanding that serving people is equally important as serving animals, Shelterluv makes it possible for organizations to document and report on HASS programs for both with ease. A few highlights:

Getting Pets Home

  • Integrations with microchip registries are free and easily set up so that owner information will automatically populate in connected registries when an animal is adopted
  • Integration with Finding Rover (also free and easy!) provides instant access to animal facial recognition technology software and makes it easier than ever to return animals to their homes and families
  • Custom iframes allow lost and found pets to be automatically posted to your website
  • Custom statuses allow return pet rates and length of stay to be easily reported while new programs are being implemented

Keeping Families Together / Animal Protection / Public Safety



  • Save time and money in the management of day-to-day shelter operations thanks to Shelterluv’s easy-to-use software. Forsyth Humane Society saved more than 2,700 work hours (that’s more than one full-time staff member) in a year by switching to Shelterluv. 
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  • The “Filter for fosters” feature allows you to easily find and email available fosters that meet your specific needs for an animal. Targeted emails increase your open rates and reduce the amount of time it takes to find a foster for a pet in need.

Case Management

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