12 Inspiring Animal Welfare Organization Mission Statements

At the heart of every animal welfare success story are two things: first, the incredible compassion of the people (like you!) who made it happen, and second, an inspiring mission that united those people in the first place.  

Your organization’s mission statement doesn’t just let the world know what you do. It should also be comprehensive enough to express your main goals and serve as the foundation for your decision making even when things get tough.

At Shelterluv, our mission has evolved over time to accurately reflect what we’re working to accomplish. Every time we revisit on our mission and values, we turn to the type of organizations we serve—ones that do so much to better the lives of others out of pure and selfless compassion—for inspiration.

Here are 12 animal shelter mission statements that have stuck with us:

1.  Lynchburg Humane Society

“Help pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach.”

2. Austin Pets Alive!

“To promote and provide the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.”

3. Wisconsin Humane Society

“To build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.”

4. Greater Birmingham Humane Society

“Since 1883, our mission has remained the same – to promote the humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy and services.”

5. Jacksonville Humane Society

“The Jacksonville Humane Society provides care, comfort and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to bring about an end to the killing of abandoned and orphaned shelter animals.”

6. Baywater Animal Rescue

“Baywater Animal Rescue exists to provide humane shelter and care for companion animals in need of housing; promotes kindness and a clear opportunity for life.”

7. Central Vermont Humane Society

“Our mission is to protect and advocate for companion animals in need, and to build a humane community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond.”

8. PawSafe Animal Rescue

“PawSafe Animal Rescue exists to provide a better life for adoptable companion animals without homes and to assist in the effort to limit the overpopulation of these animals through a low kill methodology.”

9. Because You Care

“Because You Care wishes that no animal endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect. As human stewards of this earth, the volunteers of BYC work to support and preserve the precious life on this planet and strive to create a humane living environment for all animals.”

10. Snake River Animal Shelter

“It’s our mission to improve and save animal lives by promoting quality care and compassion through adoption and education in the Upper Snake River Valley.”

11. St. Croix Animal Welfare Center

“Our mission is to provide and promote the humane treatment of animals on St. Croix through humane education, animal protection and community service.”

12. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

“Muttville’s mission is to give senior dogs a second chance at life. We rescue them, give them the care they need, find them loving homes, and spread the word about how WONDERFUL they are!”

What makes these mission statements stand out to us the most? They don’t just cover the “how,” but also the “why.” Whether it is to save more animals’ lives or to promote a more humane society in general for people and furry friends alike, each of these organizations is clear and upfront about how it’s bettering the world in its own way.

Reading mission statements like these is just another reminder that we’re so lucky to do what we do. Here’s our own current mission statement: 

We’re inspired by the selfless compassion of people in animal welfare. Our mission is to provide them with resources that support and celebrate their exceptional efforts.

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Feature image by Fabian Gieske on Unsplash